About Us


Space in the Bay

How many fields do people want to talk about what they're doing after work? 

Not many! 

Space in the Bay brings together folks from around the space industry to gather, connect, and learn from each other.  Interns, job seekers, investors, and CEOs welcome.


What is it really?

We coordinate gatherings and information for the diverse space community, from old space to new space, from VCs to civil servants, from interns to CEOs. 

Each month we host these gatherings at a different location - it may be at a company, or a bar, or a park, or another venue. You sign up, show up, and that's it. No panels, no pitches, just folks.


That's too good to be true, Mitchell. What's the catch?

Literally no catch. The vast majority of gatherings are free (with optional donations to related causes), with all other fees going to mission-critical overhead. 

The mission is simple. Gather, connect, share, collaborate, and grow.